monster feelings activity

Monster Feelings Activity

At our recent March Break Kids\' Camp, we did a Monster Feelings Activity! We...

weather feelings activity

Weather Feelings Activity – Child & Youth Mental Health Services

You can do this weather feelings activity with your child to help open up discus...

Friends Family Tree

Circle of Support – Friends Family Tree

This Friends Family Tree activity can open up discussion with your kids about th...

Boys Camp Oshweken

Boy Power Therapeutic Camp in Oshweken

Our Boy Power Therapeutic Camp is held in Oshweken every summer and is designed ...

Girl Power Camp

Girl Power Therapeutic Camp

The Girl Power Therapeutic Camp focuses on developing self esteem and resilience...

Children's Mental Health Kitchener Waterloo

Children’s Mental Health Kitchener Waterloo

At Qualia we\'re passionate about improving children\'s mental health in Kitchen...

stress relief for kids

Stress Relief for Kids

This week we\'re sharing a series of videos about recognizing different signs of...

2021 Summer Camp Details

Here are details about our 2021 summer camps for different ages: This poster ...

Calm Down Corner At Home

Creating a Calm Down Corner At Home

We want to share some tips with you for creating a calm down corner at home.  W...

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