Mission: To unlock human potential and eliminate suffering in the world through cognitive behavioural, psychotherapy, teaching and training.

Vision: A world in which all people are able to fully live out their lives as their most whole and authentic selves.

Values: Professional ExcellenceStrength of CharacterAlleviation of SufferingAuthentic Community

Personal Support, Proven Methods

At Qualia, there is always a place for you. We are a team of compassionate individuals who believe you can see effective, lasting change in your life.

We use the most evidence based (science proven) interventions to help you become your best self. Chief among those is a psychotherapy model called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). At Qualia, we specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and each of our clinicians has rigorous training in this model. We will use CBT, with its various proven tools in collaboration with you and your unique needs to help you improve your life.

We work from a comfortable office space, with flexible session types and a welcoming
environment. Our team brings expertise on a range of topics, and provides leadership within the psychotherapy community.

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    Our History From Dream to Reality

    2010 June

    Qualia Counselling Services is founded by Thomas Brown, to be a mental health clinic with leaders and psychotherapists who embrace openness, honesty, vulnerability and hospitality. Qualia opens the doors to a one of kind professional service that quickly became a place of healing and growth for clients and clinicians alike.

    2010 Fall

    Qualia develops a relationship with McMaster University – Michael G De Groote School of Medicine Residency Program. Qualia starts teaching Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to medical residents.

    2012 October

    The Qualia family grows so large that the clinic moves from a three to an eight office clinic, now residing at Conrad Medical Center.

    2014 October

    Qualia Six Nations opens and begins expanding services to the Indigenous population, through Indigenous Affairs funding. Qualia Six Nations, lovingly called Q6, begins in a small office at Grand River Employment and Training in Ohsweken, and then Community Living Six Nations opens it doors to share office space for this clinic. In April 2016 Q6 finally becomes a clinic all on it’s own, at 40 Cao Lane in Ohsweken.

    2014-2015 November

    Qualia merges and acquires Cognitive Solutions. Wanting to expand the great services Qualia offers and become even more a leader in innovative mental health treatment, Qualia’s team of Directors grew and became known as Qualia’s Leadership Team. Welcome Charity Fleming as a co-owner.

    2015 July

    From a long standing dream that the Qualia Leadership Team had of offering professionally excellent and rigorous Cognitive Behavioural Training, Qualia Academy is born. The first CBT Training Bootcamp is offered.

    2015 September

    Qualia Academy partners with Wilfrid Laurier University to offer a 72 hour CBT Certification program, comprised of two levels of rigorous CBT training. The Qualia Leadership team and a few highly qualified members of Qualia’s team begin teaching regularly at Laurier’s Faculty of Social Work. The face of Qualia’s partnership with WLU – Lynne Jordan – is later awarded the Qualia Community Partnership Award for her outstanding collaboration and professional excellence in this partnership.

    2016 October

    Qualia opens its third location at The Boardwalk in West Waterloo. Located in The Medical Center of The Boardwalk this location lovingly is nicknamed QWest and becomes Qualia’s new Head Quarters.

    2017 October

    Qualia Academy expands to launch the first ever of its kind Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Online Teaching Program. Partnering with Wilfrid Laurier & Contact North, clinicians all over Ontario and the nation now have accessible CBT Training available to them.

    2018 March

    Qualia Academy grows to offer more workshops, like CBT Lite for Front Line Professionals.

    2018 July

    Qualia Six Nations begins offering its unique Happy Holistic Kids Camps. These camps teach Land & Play Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy interventions.

    2018 September

    Qualia Brantford opens its doors!


    The Qualia team is a group of passionate and professional individuals, committed to applying the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in ways that work for each client.

    If you share our vision for supporting all people in proven methods of therapy, contact us to see if Qualia is the right place for you!

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    Don’t wait to get help. Qualia’s team of professional psychotherapists & psychologists are available to support you. We use proven techniques to help you see real change in your life.

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