living in the present

Living in the Present

Are you living in the present? Mindfulness is about being present. Sometimes we ...

Reward Yourself for Accomplishments

Reward Yourself for Accomplishments!

How often do you bother to take the time to reward yourself for your accomplishm...

How NOT to Misinterpret Texts

You\'re constantly taking in information but your mind doesn\'t always interpret...

Easy Way to Stop Procrastinating

An Easy Way to Stop Procrastinating

Have you ever wished for an easy way to stop procrastinating? Most of us enco...

Optimize Screen Time

Optimize Your Screen Time!

Have you ever thought about how to optimize your screen time throughout a day? ...

would you say that to your friend?

Would You Say That to Your Friend?

The things we say to ourselves in our minds can be pretty harsh, but would you s...

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