Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Your mind is magnificent, and along with the wondrous things our minds can do, unchecked we can develop systems of unhealthy thinking that make us unhappy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a model of psychotherapy built upon a proven and reliable set of techniques that focus on changing your mind thoughts (your interpretations and self-narrative) and your behaviours (your actions) so that you can lead a happier and fuller life. Real change is possible and through restructuring your thoughts and reframing your experiences the change you want is within your grasp.

Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), your psychotherapist helps you identify the things you have control over in your life to change and improve upon. You will learn to identify patterns of unhelpful thoughts and ways of interpreting the world around you, patterns that make you unhappy. As you work at identifying, challenging and changing these patterns, your therapist helps you develop a skills-based tool kit to completely restructure those patterns and cope more resiliently. You will examine your life values, core operating principles and ways of being and doing. As you progress through your sessions, you will learn how to implement new ways of living so you can reach your full potential of joy, health and happiness.

Adult Mental Health

  • OUR MENTAL HEALTH is really important to how we function in our day-to-day lives. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a diagnosed mental health challenge, or whether we’re stressed out, overwhelmed, or just not feeling like ourselves our mental health touches all parts of our lives.
  • OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY The mental health of our clients is the highest priority of all of our staff at Qualia Counselling. We will use the proven methods of CBT in collaboration with your own strengths to help you to improve your mental health and unlock your full potential. CBT has been found to be highly effective in over 2, 000 studies and we know that its proven and flexible techniques will work for you as well.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES In addition to psychotherapy, Qualia Counselling also offers psychological services including psycho-educational assessments. With little to no waitlist time, your immediate care is our top priority. Psycho-educational Assessments can be booked within just a few weeks. Our psychoeducation assessments are offered in partnership with Registered Psychologists from Dalton Associates.

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Child and Adolescent Services

  • CHILD AND YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH At Qualia Counselling child and adolescent services we know that growing up can be hard and that children and youth can face many different challenges as they develop and mature. It can be incredibly useful for children and caregivers to work together to learn new skills and to find new ways to act and interact, so that life’s challenges can be faced with courage, resilience and connection.
  • PLAY BASED CBT Our skilled and experienced child and youth clinicians use a combination of evidence-based CBT approaches along with collaboration, flexibility and creativity to connect with their young clients and help them with their challenges. Qualia also offers counselling for children which is a unique incentive program for our young clients – as children and youth attend sessions, actively participate and complete between session tasks, they can earn Qualia Bucks which can be cashed in for fun surprises.
  • CAREGIVER COACHING At Qualia we always say, “When you work with kids, you work with adults.” Here, parents and caregivers play an active role in their young one’s treatment as we know that caregivers reinforce new learning, help practice new skills and are an integral part of the young one’s lives. Caregivers are coached on how to best support their child and attention is given to developing warm, attuned and healthy relationships between children and parents/caregivers.

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Couples and Family

  • RELATIONSHIPS TAKE WORK Qualia Counselling offers therapy for couples, dyads and families of all types and sizes. All relationships need attention and intentional nurture in order to flourish and develop. From time to time relationships encounter periods of strain and disconnection. At these times special attention and work are needed to re-establish a connection, trust and emotional safety. Our administrative staff and skilled marriage and family therapists will help you get started on your journey to strong and meaningful relationships.
  • LOVE TRANSCENDS LABELS Couples of all races, backgrounds, genders identities, sexual orientations and configurations are welcome at Qualia. Love and connection are universal and transcend labels and limits. Qualia counselling welcomes the opportunity to connect with you and to work with you to find a counsellor with whom you and your family feel supported and comfortable. Give us a call today!

Indigenous Counselling Services

Charity, an Anishinaabe woman who belongs to the Bear Clan, owns and directs Qualia counselling, along with Thomas Brown (co-owner and founder.). We are passionate about providing counselling services and outreach to Indigenous populations and communities, locally and across Ontario. As mental health experts, we acknowledge the pain, suffering and trauma that has occurred within Indigenous communities due to colonization and we actively work in all we do to support Truth & Reconciliation. We aim for our clinics to be a safe place for everyone, especially priority populations who have experienced historical trauma. We also acknowledge and deeply respect your unique personal and cultural heritage.

Funding for our Indigenous Services is provided by Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for First Nations. If you are a registered member of a First Nation and are not seeing another NIHB Provider, you will qualify for this program. We can offer counselling services to you in person at any of our offices, over the telephone, or through videoconferencing.

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