Boy Power Therapeutic Camp in Oshweken

Boys Camp Oshweken

Boy Power Therapeutic Camp in Oshweken

Our Boy Power Therapeutic Camp is held in Oshweken every summer and is designed to foster confidence, assertiveness, teamwork, and to introduce tools to effectively combat bullying.

Defeat the Inner Bully!

The campers have been separated into three teams and have worked on building relationships in both their teams as well as with the other campers.

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7 Teachings of the Elders

Campers separated into three teams and we used the seven teachings of the elders (an Ojibway teaching that is also universally accepted by all people). We can learn from all cultures!

These included love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom,  humility, and truth.

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Expressing Emotions

The campers also discussed why it is important to show and express emotions in a healthy way. We listed as many emotions as the boys could come up with. We then talked about what being happy, sad, disgusted, guilty, shameful, fearful, and angry.

Counselling for Children

The boys learned that emotions, though they can be uncomfortable to feel, are important to help us understand the situations we are facing.


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