Stress Relief for Kids

stress relief for kids

Stress Relief for Kids

This week we’re sharing a series of videos about recognizing different signs of stress and anxiety in your children and some ideas for how you can promote stress relief for kids.  This is especially on our minds as this week was originally scheduled to be March Break here in Ontario, but Spring Break has been postponed to April in 2021.

With all of the added challenges of this pandemic, many children are experiencing an increase of stress.  Let’s talk with 5 of Qualia’s clinicians about recognizing signs of stress in our children and different ways we can help them to relieve and process it!


Do your kids seem antsy? Are they fighting with each other a lot?

Thom and Sarah discuss some tips and ideas for helping kids to get that physical energy out in a healthy way and connect with each other in the process. This is good for our kids AND for us!


Are your kids bored or ummotivated? Are they complaining a lot?

Thom & Sarah discuss these and other signs to watch for in your kids and several creative solutions for balancing your day when you have more than one child at home during the day or in the evenings & weekends. This video includes some creative ideas for breaks, ways to “do” alone time at home, and the importance of sharing our own feelings with our kids.


Kids who have been in virtual school may be feeling lonely and missing people.

Thom & Sue discuss the challenges kids on the Oshweken reserve have been facing (these challenges also apply to any kids in Ontario who are doing virtual learning). After pointing out several concerns and signs to watch for, they discuss  list of things to do to help lonely kids who miss their regular routine and tired parents who are wearing too many hats!

In this video, you’ll hear them reference a website with a list of ideas for indoor, active activities for kids. You can find that here!


Have your kids been at home for school since last March? Do they seem worn out and disconnected?

Thom & Pina continue the discussion about challenges for families living on the reserve.  Pina shares a great tip to help overwhelmed kids make things more manageable.  This “chunking” technique is great for adults too!

She has also shared some downloadable resources and a bingo game with activities that you can download: Kids Pandemic Resources and Bingo “Break” Card


Are your kids tired and cranky? Are they (and you!) missing a sense of control in your life with all of the pandemic restrictions?

Thom & Jenny discuss ways we can take charge of what we can control by mixing things up and adding some excitement to our days with the unexpected!


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