Free CBT Resources

Free CBT Resources

Free CBT Resources

As a premium provider of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Ontario, we are now offering access to a library of free CBT resources. We create these resources to be accessible free of charge to other CBT professionals and clients. We will continue to upload new resources to this page regularly.

Free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Handouts

Managing Anxiety as we Emerge from Isolation

(managing fear, & anxiety around the uncertainty of leaving isolation)

Health Anxiety during COVID-19

(for those previously recovered from, currently battling, or developing symptoms of Health Anxiety)

OCD during COVID-19

(for those previously recovered from, currently battling, or developing symptoms of OCD)

Gratitude in Social Isolation

(how to practice gratitude and ideas for how to apply during self isolation)

Social Connection in Isolation

(how to get intentional about connection during social isolation)

Letting Go of Expectations

(how to let go of expectations and accept and even embrace the way things are)

Getting Outside during Self Isolation

(Tips and suggestions for getting outside during this pandemic)

Finding Joy in Movement

(Tips and suggestions for creative ways to move and get exercise during the pandemic)

Remember, Re-Engage, & Recommit

(How to keep going in the middle of this pandemic “marathon”)

Nervous About Online Counseling

(Tips for transitioning to E-Mental Health Services)

Social Anxiety in a Video Conferencing World

(The social skills you’ll need to navigate this new virtual world while managing social anxiety)

Fighting Despair

(How to fight for happiness by validating unwanted feelings and trying new thoughts)

Fighting Despair with Rehearsed Imagery

(How to fight despair with the Jumping Ahead in Time Imagery Technique)

Collective Trauma of COVID-19

(How to recognize and handle signs of trauma from the pandemic in yourself or others)

Recognizing Productivity with P.E.R.M.A.

(How to recognize productivity and find motivation with P.E.R.M.A.)

Double Standards

(Would you say that to your friend? An exercise in self compassion)

Handling Text Misinterpretation

(How NOT to misinterpret the meaning of a text)


(How to live in the moment)

Outcome or Process?

(Focus on the process to see the value in what you can control)

What If

(Find your triggers for Anxiety)

Free CBT Series

The following handouts were made to go with the Free CBT Series of videos posted on our YouTube channel.

The Cognitive Model

(Learn to use the Cognitive Model)

The Cognitive Model for Anxiety

(Examples of the Cognitive Model in use for Anxiety & a Worksheet for Application)

The Cognitive Model for Depression

(Examples of the Cognitive Model in use for Depression & a Worksheet for Application)

The Cognitive Model for Stress

(Examples of the Cognitive Model in use for Stress & a Worksheet for Application)

Name It to Tame it

(Defining the Problem and Setting Goals)


(Begin the Notice-Challenge-Change process with this worksheet for gathering data about your problem)

The Nature of Thoughts

(Learn about the nature of thoughts, thought patterns, & cognitive distortions)

Challenge Your Thoughts Worksheet

(Practice challenging your thoughts)

Change Your Thoughts (1 of 2)

Change Your Thoughts (2 of 2)

(Practice changing your thoughts)

Practice Makes Progress

(List of practices for developing ability to “notice-challenge-change”)




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