Weather Feelings Activity – Child & Youth Mental Health Services

weather feelings activity

Weather Feelings Activity – Child & Youth Mental Health Services

You can do this weather feelings activity with your child to help open up discussion about the importance of noticing and managing feelings.


Weather Feelings Activity


Step 1: Gather craft supplies


Supplies we used include:

• white paper
• pencil crayons
• glitter
• clear glue

Discussion: Emotions Change Like Weather

Talk about how feelings are changing just like weather. There are many comparisons we can make between our emotions and weather.


Here are some examples:

Sometimes the sun is high in the sky like happiness, sometimes there is a storm on the water creating big waves.

The ground can be like our calming tools but there can be different levels of sand dunes in the water where the ground shifts suddenly.

Storms can cause confusion, hurt, loneliness, etc. Storms in life could be anything from not getting something we want, to having someone we love die.


Emotions are important because they give us important information, but to control our emotions, we must pay attention, like looking into the sky, to be able to see what’s on the horizon.


Step 2: Create a Seaside Picture


Create your picture with what it feels like to you, with your feelings/emotions. Do whatever expresses you and how you feel your feelings.

Step 3: Apply Glue


Apply glue to your picture, wherever you’d like to add glitter.


Step 4: Add Glitter


Sprinkle the glitter over the glue.


Step 5: Shake Off Excess Glitter

As you work on this project, talk about feelings- how they’re like weather, and why it’s important to pay attention to them.


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