Circle of Support – Friends Family Tree

Friends Family Tree

Circle of Support – Friends Family Tree

This Friends Family Tree activity can open up discussion with your kids about the circle of support they have in their life.


How to Make a Friends Family Tree


Step 1: Gather Craft Supplies


Supplies we used include:
• Coloured Paper
• Scissors
• Markers
• Glue Stick

You may also use:
• Paint
• Paint Brush

Step 2: Create A Tree


You can create your family friends tree with paint (make a paint handprint or paint a tree with a paint brush) or you can use coloured paper, scissors and glue like we did in these photos.

Step 3: Add Leaves


Glue on or draw leaves/hearts/other shapes to represent the family/friends/pets that are special to your child and write their names on the leaves

Step 4: Discuss the Circle of Support

Circle of Support Activity


Research has shown that support from family and friends is an important part of helping someone through mental illness and mental health challenges. There are many ways to contribute to a child (or adult)’s circle of support.

As you work on this project, talk about the people/pets your child included and why. Talk about feelings and emotions we have when we feel supported, loved & safe.

Discuss how we can know that we are feeling these things and help your child to see that they have a good circle of support around them.



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