How to Sleep with PTSD – 8 Tips

Here are 8 tips for how to sleep better with PTSD, in honour of PTSD Awareness D...

Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool

Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool

In honour of National Indigenous History Month, today we\'d like to share with y...

Inukshuk Indigenous Mental Health CBT Model

New Indigenous Adapted CBT Model: Mikwendaagwad Sacred Circle CBT

On June 30th 2022 Qualia co-owner and Wilfrid Laurier faculty Anangkwe (Star Wom...

Charity Fleming at CACBT Conference, presenting Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum

Guided Meditation (Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum)

We are delighted to share an incredible resource from the Mikwendaagwad It Is Re...

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