Monster Feelings Activity

monster feelings activity

Monster Feelings Activity

At our recent March Break Kids’ Camp, we did a Monster Feelings Activity!

We want to help children to identify and manage their feelings. In order to do that, we encourage them to notice and learn more about their thoughts and feelings.


Monster Emotions

Helping Kids Identify Emotions

An article about helping kids manage emotions says,


“Children are able to understand and differentiate appropriate from inappropriate emotional expressions, but they still find it hard to express their emotions, especially if they haven’t learned to identify and name them…

Emotion regulation is not just about expressing emotions in a socially appropriate manner.

…When we teach kids that their emotions are valid, we help them view what they feel as normal and manageable.”


Regulating emotions isn’t only about expressing emotions appropriately. The above article points out that there are 3 phases to teaching children to manage their emotions:


3 Phases of Emotional Regulation for Kids:

1. Teaching Children to Identify Emotions

2. Helping to Identify Triggers for Emotions

3. Teaching them to Manage Emotions on Their Own


Feelings Monster

Monster Feelings Activity

Our Monster Emotions activity gave our campers the opportunity to practice identifying their emotions by imagining them as monsters and then expressing their emotions by drawing their emotions monsters!


It was great to get a look at their Feelings Monster creations!  This activity could be a fun way for you to start a discussion about feelings in your home.


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