Optimize Your Screen Time!

Optimize Screen Time

Optimize Your Screen Time!

Have you ever thought about how to optimize your screen time throughout a day?

Take a moment and think about the first thing you looked at when you woke up today. What was the last thing you looked at before you closed your eyes to go to sleep last night?

Very often we start and end our days with screens- checking in on social media, checking weather or the news, etc. but sleep hygiene would suggest that we need to turn off devices up to an hour before we go to sleep.  In the morning, if you read even 3 minutes of “bad news”, your mood can be impacted negatively even 8 hours later in the day!


Quick Tip Video: Optimize Your Screen Time


Avoid Screens & Try A Replacement!

Try avoiding screens first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Experiment with letting the first or last thing you look at each day be something that’s valuable, important, and really cherished by you. Here are a few ideas:

– a piece of art

– nature

– your partner or your kids

See how this changes the way you sleep or the way you enter your day. The screens will always be there and you can look at them another time but start with something that will be nourishing to your soul.


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