Living in the Present

living in the present

Living in the Present

Are you living in the present? Mindfulness is about being present. Sometimes we can get stuck in the past, thinking about what could or should have been. Sometimes we can get stuck in the future, and we think about all the things we need to get done or we worry about what the future holds. How often do we truly live in the present?


How Can I “Do” Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can occur almost anywhere we go. It can happen when we are alone, with others, at home, in public. Here are a few recommendations to begin your mindfulness journey:

1. When you’re taking a shower, where you are?

Are you in the shower or is your mind somewhere else? Feel the warm water hitting your body. Feel the streams of water running off your body. Listen to the sound of the water hitting you and landing on the floor. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE – it brings you to the present.

2. Breathe.

We do it all the time, but how often do we notice it? Fill your lungs with a quarter amount of air (imagine filling the bottom of your lungs only) and breathing out smoothly. Do this a few times. REMEMBER – notice the breath going in your lungs and out your lungs.

3. Start to notice your toes.

If you get a chance to sit down during the day or when you lie in bed, notice your toes. Start to think about your right foot’s toes and scrunch them up for 3 seconds, and then release. Do the same for the left foot’s toes. Then do it for your buttock – scrunch the right cheek for 3 seconds and release – then the left cheek. Now move to your hands – close fingers into making a fist and squeeze for 3 seconds then release – do the same for the left hand.


Do you notice anything? I hope you were able to forget about the past and future, but you were in the now – you focussed on the water, breathing, or our body limbs. Noticing sensations that the activities gave you, where in your body you felt it, and how they felt. This is being present!



Your Free Handout

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Mindfulness Handout – Living in the Present



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