Would You Say That to Your Friend?

would you say that to your friend?

Would You Say That to Your Friend?

The things we say to ourselves in our minds can be pretty harsh, but would you say that to your friend?

A common phrase is that we are our worst critic. We often are the harshest critic towards ourselves. We can be relentless and rip ourselves apart; and yet, if we were talking to a dear friend about the same problem, we would be kinder, compassionate, and objective. Why don’t we take our own advice?


Try This Technique


1. Ask yourself, “How would I talk to a dear friend who had a similar problem?

Would I say such harsh things to him or her? If not, why not?”

2. If you decide that you would not talk to a loved one like this, then ask yourself, “What would I tell my friend?”

3. Ask yourself – Would you be willing to talk to yourself in the same compassionate way?


Would You Say That to Your Friend?


Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Sometimes, we need to take our own advice.



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