Guided Meditation (Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum)

Charity Fleming at CACBT Conference, presenting Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum

Guided Meditation (Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum)

We are delighted to share an incredible resource from the Mikwendaagwad It Is Remembered Sacred Circle (an Indigenous CBT Curriculum), presented by Charity Fleming, co-owner of Qualia. This valuable content was showcased in her recent presentation at The Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT) Conference.




As we celebrate National Indigenous History Month, we are thrilled to share this resource with you.

Included below is a guided meditation video, that will guide you towards a state of peace and mindfulness. Additionally, we have prepared a handout that contains the words from the guided meditation, allowing you to engage more deeply with the practice.


Indigenous CBT Meditation Video



You can also access the video directly on YouTube: Reigniting Your Sacred Fire: Guided Meditation

Meditation Handout

(Mikwendaagwad Indigenous CBT Curriculum)


Guided Meditation


We invite you to take a moment for yourself, embrace the wisdom of the Mikwendaagwad It Is Remembered Sacred Circle CBT Curriculum, and experience the transformative power of this guided meditation. Let us come together in celebrating National Indigenous History Month by exploring this remarkable resource.

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