Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool

Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool

Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool

In honour of National Indigenous History Month, today we’d like to share with you a tool that we use in our bundle of healing and wellness from our Indigenous Adapted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Model.  It’s called the Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool.


Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool Explained

This tool was adapted from traditional CBT and might be known as an Activity Tracking or Mood Tracking worksheet in a typical CBT protocol.  The Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool has been adapted to reflect the mind, body, soul and the intention of reflecting daily on goals we have to strengthen them.

From an Indigenous perspective, daily reflection is critical to our health and mental health. The typical CBT version of this tool might look linear, with the days of the week and times throughout the day. It could be used to record emotions throughout the day, or to track activities and behaviours that help work toward goals, accomplishments, and experiences we hope to achieve.

The Mind Body Soul Reflecting Tool also focuses on body and spirit and what we’re doing daily to nurture our spirit & body. Most indigenous cultures see wellness as a whole (with our body, spirit, mind, and behaviours all as parts of it).

The following video goes into more detail about the tool and demonstrates how it can be used:

Mind Body Soul Reflecting Handout – Free Download

Here is a free downloadable, blank copy of the worksheet:

Mind Body Soul Reflecting

Other Indigenous CBT Resources

You can find more information about our Indigenous Adapted CBT Model: Mikwendaagwad Sacred Circle CBT or find a guided meditation from the curriculum. You can find more Indigenous Meditation videos on our YouTube channel.

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