Middle of the Marathon- Now’s the Time!

how to get through pandemic with mental health in tact

Middle of the Marathon- Now’s the Time!

We’ve been dealing with quarantine and social distancing long enough to start to wonder how to get through this pandemic with mental health in tact!

We are about six weeks into social isolation with this pandemic. Collectively, we’re all getting a little bored, anxious, and a little antsy for things to start changing. We miss going to work, we miss getting our hair cut, and we’re longing for things to get back to normal and yet there is no confirmed end it sight yet. It’s easy for us, collectively, to fall into negative thinking when morale is low.

So, what do we do in week 6, to get through the day, and to find the hope to look for whatever is around the corner?


Tips to Get You Through!

How to get through this pandemic with mental health in tact


At the beginning of the Pandemic and/or before the pandemic even began what put a smile on your face? What inspired you? What gave you a sense of meaning, purpose and connection? Bring these things to the fore front of your mind, re-read inspiring articles or posts, laugh again at funny jokes and reach out again to those around you and around the world


In the middle of the marathon it’s time to re-engage with practices that give energy, hope and inspiration. Re-engage with self-compassion, gratitude, humour, moving your body, going outside, eating well, listening to music, dancing in the kitchen and anything else that has become dormant or slipped out of use.


Take a look at goals and aspirations that you had before the pandemic began, how have those changed and how can you recommit to them. Think about what you’ve learned about yourself, others and world over these past weeks and how you want things to be when all of this is over. Commit to bringing that learning into reality.

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Remember, Re-Engage, & Recommit


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