How to Stay Connected During Quarantine

how to Stay Connected during quarantine

How to Stay Connected During Quarantine

Let’s talk about how to stay connected during quarantine and self isolation.  Below the video is a list of ways to connect while staying physically distant from others.


In this vlog series, Thomas will address 6 helpful questions to ask yourself daily! Yesterday’s Post was Question #1: What Am I Grateful for Today?  Today we continue with question #2: Who Am I Checking In On or Connecting With Today?


How to Stay Connected During Quarantine

1. Use Technology

Choose to be intentional and purposeful when it comes to using technology. Send out a joke or a funny meme a day to those who might need it. Set up a weekly time to chat and “have a drink” with a friend. Find ways to hold virtual birthday parties, baby showers and other celebrations.


2.  Around the Neighbourhood

Take the time to chat with your neighbours when you see them, from across the street. Ask them how they’re holding up and if they need anything. Use sidewalk chalk or posters in your windows to express encouragement to each other or to express thanks to medical staff and front line workers. Are there ways that you and your neighbours can connect through fun like decorating your front yards, doing neighbourhood-wide scavenger hunts, or even going on car rallies? These events can be arranged through technology.


3. In Your Own Home

Being around your family all day every day can be a bit much. It can be easy to become irritated, or to take them for granted. Even though many of us are around our families a lot, be sure to ask them how they’re doing, make space for kids to ask questions and express emotions about being isolated. Take time to look your family members in the eye and connect.

Here’s a fun way you can show love to someone in your home by creating a simple origami box full of kindness– the free download comes with prompts for what to write.

Your Free Connection Handout

Click this link to view in a new window & download: How to Stay Connected During Quarantine

[You can find more free handouts on our Free CBT Resources page!]

How to Stay Connected During Quarantine


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