Handout: Health Anxiety during COVID-19 Pandemic

health anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic

Handout: Health Anxiety during COVID-19 Pandemic

Managing Health Anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic can be especially difficult! The handout at the end of this post is for those previously recovered from, currently battling, or developing symptoms of Health Anxiety.

It is indeed prudent that each of us experience some degree of health anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular levels of health anxiety will lead to positive, prosocial and healthy behaviours like social distancing and self-isolation. These recommendations have been made by the best health practitioners worldwide.

Some people will experience more than expected anxiety during this time, which may lead to both greater stress and emotional struggle but also greater despair. This real emotional suffering also impacts our overall health. It is important then, especially during this COVID19 pandemic to prioritize treating your mental health.



Your Free Health Anxiety Handout

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