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Creativity & Awareness of Beauty in Quarantine

Let’s talk about how to improve your mental health during quarantine with creativity and awareness of beauty.


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Today we continue with question #6: What beauty am I either creating, cultivating, or inviting today?


Importance of Beauty & Creativity

Let’s talk about HOW to improve your mental health during quarantine with creativity and awareness of beauty!

Why Focus on Beauty?

Why would it be important to focus on beauty? There is information in our faces almost all of the time and generally the information is not all that great. How does having negative information impact how we think and feel? It’s probably pretty obvious that this will contribute to us feeling anxious, sad, unsettled and maybe even hopeless or panicky.

Intentionally focusing on beauty by thinking about it, creating it or by inviting it in helps to shift our thinking and can improve our moods and emotions. This can be a practice that we engage in on a regular basis.

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Question 6


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