Finding Joy Through Movement in Isolation

finding joy through movement

Finding Joy Through Movement in Isolation

In a new vlog series, Thomas will address 6 helpful questions to ask yourself daily!


Previous questions include:
Question #1: What Am I Grateful for Today?
Question #2: Who Am I Checking In with Today?
Question #3: What Expectations of “Normal” Am I Letting Go of Today?
Question #4: How Am I Getting Outside Today?


Today we continue with question #5: How Am I Moving My Body Today?


Moving Your Body

How Am I Moving My Body Today?

This question is worded in an intentional way- it doesn’t ask “How am I exercising today?” or “What workout am I doing today?”. It’s asking “How am I moving my body today?”

A lot of us really don’t like working out or exercising (although some of us do) but a lot of us probably have things that we like to do that also involve moving our bodies.

It’s common knowledge that moving our bodies has a lot of benefits for our physical selves and emotional selves. During the Pandemic try to move your body in a way that you enjoy on a regular (daily) basis.

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Finding Joy in Movement


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