Tips for Getting Outside During Self Isolation

Getting Outside During Self Isolation

Tips for Getting Outside During Self Isolation

How can getting outside during self isolation help your mental health? Let’s talk about it!


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Today we continue with question #4: How Am I Getting Outside Today?


Tips for Getting Outside

Getting Outside is Simple!

• Go for a walk or a bike ride
• Sit out on your front step for your morning coffee
• Open the window to let in fresh air and the sound of the birds
• Blow bubbles with the kids
• Start some yard work if that’s something you like



1. When you’re outside intentionally look and listen for sounds of spring.
2. Take a picture of the same tree or patch of garden every other day to see how it changes as spring continues to develop.
3. Take a moment to be completely quiet and still and note what your 5 senses pick up.
4. You may also want to invite the outside in by bringing in a potted plant or purchasing a bouquet of flowers.
Even on colder days remember to open the curtains and be sure to look outside to enjoy the view.


Your Free “Getting Outside” Handout

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Getting Outside during Social Isolation


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