Letting Go of Normal

Working from Home

Letting Go of Normal

In a new vlog series, Thomas will address 6 helpful questions to ask yourself daily!


Yesterday’s Post was Question #2: Who Am I Checking In with Today?
The Previous Post was Question #1: What Am I Grateful for Today?


Today we continue with question #3: What Expectations of “Normal” Am I Letting Go of Today?


Benefits of Letting Go:

By letting go of expectations of normal we:

• Give ourselves permission to feel unsettled, ungrounded and uncomfortable. Why would we feel anything else in such an unsettled, ungrounded and uncomfortable time?

• Release ourselves from our expectations to behave as we did before. By working at home our work will change. With our kids home all the time our parenting will change. By not being able to go out our activities will change.

• We invite ourselves move away from thinking, “Why is this happening?” “I hate that this is happening?” “I wish that this wasn’t happening,” to, “OK, this is happening, how am I going to work with it?”

• Open ourselves up to what is happening now, to working with it, and potentially finding something new and unexpected.


Quick Tip

A good question to ask ourselves when we’re struggling with acceptance is: What am I resisting right now?

Sometimes when we can figure out what we are resisting and trying to push away
we naturally open up to it and start working with it instead.



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Letting Go of Expectations


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