Cognitive Behaviour Modification

cognitive behaviour modification

Cognitive Behaviour Modification

Let’s talk about cognitive behaviour modification- or how to change your behaviours- with a free CBT video & free downloadable thoughts worksheet to guide you!

In our last Free CBT video, we discussed how to change thoughts which is great preparation to today’s topic.


Behavioural Change Worksheet

The same notice-challenge-change process applies to behaviours as we discussed for changing thoughts. There is a thinking component to your behaviours, so it’s important to pay attention to your thoughts.  You can use this free Change Your Thoughts worksheet and follow the video to try this.  There are additional worksheets available on our free resources page.

In the video, Thom will walk you through a chart that can help you go through the process of recognizing the thoughts you’re having and how they contribute to your behaviour.  This helps you to challenge the thoughts and come up with different thoughts that can help you to change your behaviour.


Cognitive Behaviour Modification – Free CBT Video

In the following video, we’ll get into more detail about cognitive behaviour modification, how to apply it, and how to assess the results from practicing this technique.



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