How to Change Your Thoughts – FREE CBT

how to change your thoughts

How to Change Your Thoughts – FREE CBT

Let’s talk about how to change your thoughts with a free CBT video to guide you!

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to practice what we discussed in the Challenging Thoughts vlog by downloading our Challenge Your Thoughts worksheet! If you remember that video, we called that whole process of challenging our thoughts, Cognitive Restructuring.  Once you’ve tried


Aiming for Changed Thoughts

– Balanced, fair, helpful thinking

– Balance- not all negative & not all positive

– Take in the whole situation & base thoughts on that


Example of a Changed & Balanced Thought

Here’s a little template to try, for creating a new, changed, balanced thought:

It may be true that ________ and it is also true that ___________.


Situation: Let’s say you’re at work and you see a group of people talking quietly together.

Negative Thought: They’re talking about me

*Now is the time to use the process from the worksheet to Notice, Challenge, & Change your thoughts!

New Thought: It may be true that they’re talking about me, and it is also true that I have no idea what they were saying & they could be talking about a whole lot of other things.


How to Change Your Thoughts – Free CBT Video

In the following video, we’ll get into more detail about cognitive restructuring, how to apply it, and how to assess the results from practicing this technique.  We really recommend that you take a pen to paper as you try this out and we hope this will help you to create a more balanced, restructured thought to help you feel better!



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