Notice, Challenge, Change (Free CBT Handout)

notice challenge change free cbt handout

Notice, Challenge, Change (Free CBT Handout)

We created this “Notice-Challenge-Change” free CBT handout to help you to observe a specific problem. As you gather information, you’ll notice patterns and new information.  That will help you to gain insight into the problem.  You can download your free handout at the end of the post!


Learn About the Problem


What do you need to learn about the problem?

– How often it happens?

– How intense it is?

– When it happens?

– Where it happens?

– What is going on when it happens?

– Etc.

Create a simple chart to track the information (there’s an example chart for you to use in the free handout download at the end of this post). You may need to adjust the headings to make it more applicable to your problem.


Notice & Learn


Notice the information and write it down in your chart for a week or two.

– What did you learn about the problem?

– What are the themes?

– What are the patterns?

– Could something change to make it better?


We hope this free handout helps to guide you through this process for a problem of your own!


“Notice-Challenge-Change” – Free CBT Handout

Click this link to view in a new window & download: Notice-Challenge-Change.

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FREE CBT 6 Notice-Challenge-Change


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