Challenge Your Thoughts – Free CBT Vlog

Challenge Your Thoughts Free CBT

Challenge Your Thoughts – Free CBT Vlog

Let’s talk about how to challenge your thoughts with a free CBT video to guide you!


Noticing & Challenging Thoughts for Change


Last week we talked about the nature of our thoughts so we’ll follow that up this week by challenging those thoughts!

In order to challenge your thoughts, you need to pull them into your awareness and then give yourself permission to question them. The next step is to be curious about them and to then challenge them, with the intention of changing them.


Challenge Your Thoughts – Free CBT Video

In the following video, we’ll walk you through the Challenge Your Thoughts Worksheet (which you can download for free along with more handouts & worksheets on our Free Resources Page).


Some questions you might ask yourself about your thought:

– What makes me think this might be true?

– What makes me think this thought is not true or completely true?

– What’s the worst that could happen? What could I do then?

– What’s the best that could happen?

– What would I tell a friend (think of someone specific) if this happened to them?

– What’s another way to look at this?



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