Cognitive Model for Depression (Free Handout)

Cognitive Model for Depression Free Handout

Cognitive Model for Depression (Free Handout)

We’ve created a free Cognitive Model for Depression PDF handout for you!  We’ll share the download link at the end of the post, but first let’s dive into the subject in this blog post!


What is CBT?

In a previous blog post we explained what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is. We also shared a free handout on the Cognitive Model.  To help you to further understand the model, we created a video blog about the Cognitive Model which goes into detail about the 5 Factor Model. This video includes examples that show you how to apply the model in your own life.

In addition to those posts, we’ve added a handout on The Cognitive Model for Anxiety and a video with example of How to Apply the Cognitive Model for Anxiety. Today we’ll share a similar handout that focuses on Depression.


The Cognitive Model for Depression

Today’s free printable PDF handout focuses in specifically on how to use the cognitive model for depression.  This first page of the handout lays out what types of things should go in each category of the model. The second page provides a blank copy of the model for you to use as a worksheet. You can fill the worksheet in with your own experiences, to see how to apply the model for depression in your own life.


We think this will be a valuable tool for you as you work to apply CBT on your own.  If you feel you would benefit from added guidance from one of our therapists, please feel free to reach out to us (our contact information is at the bottom of our blog & website).


Cognitive Model for Depression – FREE Handout

Click this link to view in a new window & download: Cognitive Model for Depression.

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Cognitive Model for Depression Free CBT

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