Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress

We’ve come to the end of our FREE CBT series and we’re going to finish it out with the topic of practice makes progress.  As you apply the skills you’ve learned in this series we want you to remember that this is a practice and that you will continue to get better at these skills as you apply them.  There is a video and a free handout at the end of this post.


Practice Makes Perfect?

Life is a ProcessI’ve never loved the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect” because I don’t really believe in the concept of perfection.  I like the phrase “Practice Makes Progress” much better.

If you can picture a young child sitting at the piano, practicing toward progress (rather than perfection), that feels better to me.

We’re continually developing and moving toward our goals. Improvement in our lives is continuous, so the idea of progress feels more accurate.

When it comes to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, it’s good to think of these techniques that we’re learning as skills that we can practice and become better at over time.

So this concept of “Practice Makes Progress” really applies here as well as to life in general.


Practice Makes Progress

The focus on practice makes progress not perfection affects us in several positive ways:

• let go of perfection

• think of it as an ongoing, evolving process

• generous & compassionate idea

• practice means we can keep trying, keep going, keep getting better (more accessible)


Life is a Process

Here are some ways we can apply this concept of “practicing”.  When we do, we can see that there is a lot of practicing in life and that’s how we progress.  For example:


practicing professions and lifeApplied to Life in Professions:

• Doctors practice medicine

• Lawyers practice law

• Social Workers practice psychotherapy


Applied to Life in General:

• Balanced thinking

• Mindfulness

•  Self Compassion

•  Gratitude

• Self Care

Practice Makes Progress not Perfect


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“Change Your Thoughts” – Free CBT Worksheet

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Practice Makes Progress CBT Handout

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