Couples Connection

Couples Connection

Couples Connection

Let’s talk about how to build a closer couples connection.

How are you feeling about your most important relationships these days?

More specifically, how are you feeling about your marriage or couple relationship?

Are you feeling well connected to your partner, are you drifting or are you starting to feel more like roommates?


Relationship Seasons

Relationships can go through many different seasons and because of the pandemic this has been a huge season of change for all of us!

marriage strugglesFor some, the lack of extracurricular activities or a slower paced schedule might mean there is more time to enjoy together. For others, financial or parenting stress might be creating more conflict at home.

Do you find the pandemic drawing you together or pushing you apart?

Wherever you happen to be at this season, I would like to invite you to be more intentional about creating connection in your most important relationships!



How to Reconnect with Your Partner

Creating connections is something that we need to be intentional about. Maybe work, home and kids are squeezing out any couple time and we need to find a way to find a way to build some of that back in. If you are feeling disconnected from your partner you might find yourself wishing for a holiday or time away that would allow you to reconnect.

how to reconnect a relationshipCouples Therapist and researcher, John Gottman, would say that it’s actually the habits that we keep in the grind of daily life that help us to feel more connected.

Consider the analogy of brushing your teeth. I think most people would agree that daily tooth care is important for our oral health. This is a habit that we create time for in our day. If we happen to miss a day or two we probably wouldn’t do any real damage, but if we dropped this daily habit for a longer period of time it would surely lead to problems!


Habits of Healthy Couples

Daily habits can also help maintain a connection with our partner in a similar way.

With these daily habits we are communicating that we are there for our partner and are showing love.

Gottman’s 6 hours to a better relationship can be a helpful resource to help you discover which daily habits might be helpful for your relationship.

Read over the list below and talk to your partner about how you might make time for these in the weeks ahead and notice if it changes how you feel about your relationship!


6 hours to a better relationship

Click Here to go to Gottman’s website to download a free PDF version of 6 Hours to a Better Relationship.

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