#GetReal – Snacking & Coping

#GetReal – Snacking & Coping

Let’s #GetReal… we’re at home and the snacks are all around us, tempting us!


To Snack or Not To Snack?

We have to be compassionate with ourselves these days. We’re under a lot of stress, there’s a lot of change, and there’s a lot of uncertainty around us. Allowing ourselves to indulge and enjoy some snacks every once in a while is probably not a bad thing! As time wears on though, snacking every day and multiple times each day could have some real impacts on our physical and emotional health.




It can be helpful to be aware of our thoughts as we’re heading for the snacks. Try thinking, “What’s going on for me right now? Do I really need to snack? Is there something else I could do that might be a healthier choice for me right now, than snacking?”. Sometimes the answer will be yes and other times, we may give ourselves the permission to go ahead and snack.



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