Change Your Thoughts – Worksheet

change your thoughts

Change Your Thoughts – Worksheet

We recently discussed the importance of changing your thoughts in a video & blog post. Now here’s a worksheet that will show you how to change your thoughts!


Notice-Challenge-Change Process


This post is one in a series of posts that cover some of the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  If you’re finding this post first, you might like to review some of the previous posts in order to get a good understanding of the process leading up to this step.  You can review all of our blog posts & handouts on the blog here.


If you prefer to catch up on this series of Free CBT tips and the Notice-Challenge-Change process by video, you can find our Free CBT Playlist on YouTube here).


Using the Worksheet


This worksheet’s topic and process are covered more fully in a previous blog post here. In that post and video, Thom will walk you through examples of the worksheet in use with real life situations.


“Change Your Thoughts” – Free CBT Worksheet

Click this link to view in a new window & download: Change Your Thoughts Worksheet.

How to Change Your Thoughts Worksheet 1 of 2
[You can find more free handouts on our Free CBT Resources page!]

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