What Does #GetReal Mean?

What Does #GetReal Mean

What Does #GetReal Mean?

This week is Canadian Mental Health Week and this year, you’ll see the hashtag #GetReal on a bunch of social media posts. We often say we’re fine, even when the truth is we feel amazing or scared or upset or nervous or grateful or weird! Why don’t we just come out with it and say how we feel? Every time we hold back, we miss out on the chance to connect for real, so this year let’s all go ahead and #GetReal!


What Does It Mean to Get Real?

Getting real is a combination of vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty. It’s getting honest with ourselves about how we’re doing, about expectations we’re putting on ourselves, about how we’re feeling, how nice we’re being to ourselves, and how things are going for us- especially in this time of COVID-19.  Getting real also means that we’re being more honest and authentic with those around us who deserve the right to know how we’re really doing.


Who Should I Get Real With?

Of course we need to be mindful about who we’re getting real with. I’m not going to spill my guts to the barista at Starbucks but I will let my best friend or my partner know my deeper thoughts and feelings. You can be safe about who you’re sharing with, by being mindful about how you feel about sharing with them.


Share on Social Media

We invite you to make a list and share it with us, using the hashtag #GetReal.

We’d love to see your posts! If you tag us on social media, we can see what you post! Here’s how to do that on each platform:

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Please share about how you’re really doing with the pandemic, or anything you want to share! Share your good, your bad, your ugly, your beautiful.

We can’t wait to #GetReal with you!

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