What Do you Miss the Most during Covid?

What do you miss the most during covid

What Do you Miss the Most during Covid?

What do you miss the most during Covid?

We all have our lists of things we miss during this pandemic! We have a list of our own personal “Pandemic Problems”, another list of “Pandemic Perks”, and then we have a “Miss List” of all the things we’re really missing while staying home and self isolating or social distancing.

We’d like to encourage you to make your own lists! Whether you choose to make one or all of these 3 types of lists, this can be a powerful tool to help you to process the feelings you may be dealing with from sadness to grief and trauma.



Make 3 Lists

Making your three lists is an opportunity to practice vulnerability, real sharing, and support for yourself, others, and our community. We have experienced nationwide and international trauma and we each need to process the feelings and experiences we’re having.


1. “Pandemic Problems” List – What are the unique challenges you’re facing?

• allow yourself to be vulnerable- just share the problem, don’t excuse it away

• your problems are valid, no matter how large or small they seem to you

• don’t hold back from experiencing the solemness of the experience as you share your problems


2. “Miss List” – What do you miss the most during Covid?

• we’re all grieving & have experienced loss at different levels- you don’t need to explain it away


3. “Pandemic Perks” List- What parts of physically distancing have been blessings for you?

• it’s important to validate all the emotions you feel as you go through these lists (good & bad)


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Please share about how you’re really doing with the pandemic, or anything you want to share! Share your good, your bad, your ugly, your beautiful.

We can’t wait to #GetReal with you!

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