#GetReal – Stop Saying “I’m Fine”

#GetReal – Stop Saying “I’m Fine”

We all know the familiar exchange: “How are you?”  “I’m fine.”

For Canadian Mental Health Week this year, let’s start saying more than “I’m fine”. Let’s  have real conversations about how we’re all really doing!



Different Questions

Try asking more specific questions like:

• Tell me how you’re doing today.

• What has your morning been like?

• How are you coping through all of the changes that are happening?


Different Answers

Challenge yourself to answer with something more specific than “I’m fine” or “I’m really busy”, like:

• I’m actually really struggling today, it’s been hard.

• I’m doing really well. We had a great success at home…

• I’m coping okay with this pandemic thing, we’ve kind of settled into our new normal.



Share on Social Media

We invite you to really seek to connect with others. Try it out by sharing with us on social media, using the hashtag #GetReal.

We’d love to see your posts! If you tag us on social media, we can see what you post! Here’s how to do that on each platform:

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Please share about how you’re really doing with the pandemic, or anything you want to share! Share your good, your bad, your ugly, your beautiful.

We can’t wait to #GetReal with you!

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