Ground Zero Moments

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Ground Zero Moments

We are in a very unprecedented time! These are times I like to call ground zero moments. Ground zero moments are times in our lives when major things are happening. They might happen when somebody in our life dies, when someone loses a job, when there’s a major shift and certainly during times like these when there is a lot of stress and uncertainty and things like this have never happened before.

One thing that happens in times like this is that emotions tend to go all over the place!  We can also launch into our default coping mechanism. So, how do you tend to respond in “ground zero moments”?  What combination of fight, flight, or freeze do you usually find yourself in?  In this video, Thomas discusses how we can acknowledge and observe our emotions and tendencies and how we can try different responses to find what works best for us.

You can find many more free resources (blog posts, printable handouts, and videos) aimed to help during this COVID-19 pandemic on our blog.


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