Who We Are


Qualia Academy is an arm of Qualia Counselling Services Inc. It’s our arena for teaching, training and developing the skills of CBT and its’ supporting psychotherapies.

Professional Leadership

At Qualia, we believe in the power of a team. Our staff and Therapists work together closely, ensuring you get the best care possible. Beyond that, we believe in giving back to the broader therapy community, sharing our expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

From teaching courses and seminars, to hosting internships and clinical supervision, to participating in the academic community through conferences and whitepapers, we aim to help lead the way forward in the world of Psychotherapy.

Teaching / Training Accolades…

  • We presented at Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Social Work: “An Intro to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” (October)
  • We begin our WLU – Faculty of Social Work Internship Program as our 1st MSW student joins us (September)
  • We presented at the Aids Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area: “Cognitive Therapy” (March)
  • We presented at the Waterloo Region District School Board Professional Development Day: “Connecting Kids with the Right Care” (May)
  • We began our McMaster University Michael DeGroote School of Medicine – Resident Intern Program. (September)
  • We presented at Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Social Work: “An Intro to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” (October)
  • We presented at Pelvic Health Solutions 2nd Annual Pelvic Health Symposium: “A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Treatment of Abdomino-Pelvic Pain” (January).
  • We presented at the KW Family Medicine Rounds: “Your Job, Our Job, Their Job: Collaborative Treatment with PTSD” (March)
  • Rae and Thom visit the Beck Institute in Philadelphia for a 3 day course, “Teaching and Supervising CBT” (May)
  • We launched the Qualia Academy, our teaching and training arm for developing new and improving Cognitive Therapists
  • We announced a partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Social Work that brought to life a new Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, with a FULL inaugural class beginning in September

Group Supervision

We love to learn! Here’s how our team has developed itself lately…

Our Group Clinical Staff Meetings (GCSM) for 2012-2013: “A Primer on Common DSM Disorders”

  • October: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults (presented by Dr. Dino Santoro, Psychiatrist)
  • November: A Refresher in Motivational Interviewing (presented by Thomas Brown, RSW)
  • December: Mindfulness: Basic Applications (presented by Elisabeth Schramm, RSW)
  • January: Dysthymia (presented by Dr. Dino Santoro, Psychiatrist)
  • February: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (presented by Tim Gordon, RSW)
  • March: Perfectionism (presented by Raechel Pefanis, RSW)
  • April: Personality Disorder (presented by Dr. Dino Santoro, Psychiatrist)
  • May: Managing Couples’ Conflicts in Session (presented by Sam Al-Dabbagh, MFT)
  • June: The Aftermath of Infidelity (presented by Sam Al-Dabbagh, MFT)
  • July: Treatment Resistant Clients (presented by Dr. Dino Santoro, Psychiatrist)

Our Group Clinical Staff Meetings (GCSM) for 2013-2014: “Everyday Therapy”

  • September: MBTI (presented by Raechel Pefanis, RSW)
  • October: A Refresher on Personality Disorder
  • November: Creativity in Exposure Work (presented by Thomas Brown, RSW)
  • January: Effective Assessments throuhout Treatment (presented by Meagan Yarmey, PhD)
  • February: Working with themes of Anger (presented by David Holan, RSW, John Howard Society)
  • March: Staff Appreciation Dinner…well this one was just because we like to party down here
  • April: Individual Case Mgmt: When do I bring in others? (Meagan Yarmey, PhD)
  • May: Working with Themes of Grief and Loss (Laura and Tania, Bereaved Families of Ontario)
  • June: Imagery and Scripts / Intervention: Core Belief Work (Thomas Brown, RSW)
  • July and August: …well we also like to take the summer off 🙂

Our Group Clinical Staff Meetings (GCSM) for 2014-2015: “Foundations and Roots”

  • September: The Psychosocial Assessment
  • October: Thought Records and the Cognitive Model
  • November: Devising Great Behaviour Experiments
  • January: Evidence Recording
  • February: Continuums and the Decisional Matrix
  • March: Staff Appreciation Dinner at Janet Lynne’s Bistro
  • April: Working with Underlying Assumptions
  • May: Mining for Core Beliefs
  • June: Working with Shame and Guilt
  • July and August: …we took another summer off 🙂
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