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Thank you to all who came and participated in our Community Awareness Open House! We feel so grateful to be part of such a genuine, inspiring & vibrant community.

All of the prizes on display at the open house have been claimed but we wish everyone better luck next year!

Looking forward to seeing you all at National Aboriginal Day on June 21st 🙂


We acknowledge our Clients’  unique personal and cultural heritage. We feel excited about what we can offer using our Sacred Circle CBT Therapy, a therapy that draws from healing models like CBT – all in parentheses – and that is combined with traditional First Nations teachings.

Sacred Circle CBT is practiced from a holistic framework. Your Therapist will guide you through steps of self discovery, and will never impose other belief systems upon you. Topics like the traumatic history of residential schools, or other intergenerational traumas will be part of therapy. This is done in order to identify any contributing factors to your current symptoms, and to help you heal.

Sacred Circle CBT is offered through our relationship with NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits). This is Aboriginal & Northern Affairs & Health Canada funding that provides free sessions for First Nations’ people that are status card holders.  As long as you are not currently receiving counseling services through another NIHB provider, than you will most likely qualify. We also have MSW Clinicians for those individuals who have benefits for MSW providers. Contact us today to learn more.preview-3


Qualia Six Nations

Located in the heart of Ohsweken, our main office is at 40 Cao Lane, and we have two additional offices in the GREAT building (most folks will meet at 40 Cao Lane unless otherwise specified). Our Qualia sign is on our building, located beside Community Living Group Home and kitty corner to the Community Living Day Program building.preview

40 Cao Lane
Ohsweken, Six Nations First Nation
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Book a Session Now By Using …

Telephone Number (Text): 226-792-8433

                    Fax: professionals may refer by faxing us a completed referral form to: 1-866-343-3980

Referral Form

Text is not meant for crisis response or outreach.  Due to the unreliable nature of texting (phone could be shut off, the phone battery can die, the text may be unanswered for extended periods of time) it is not a good way to connect with services if you are in a crisis, or in between appointments. Six Nations Crisis Line phone number is: 1.855.445.2204

Text is not for “in between session” conversations. Texting does not allow us to have the kind of conversations we want (we want to be able to see you!). Discussions around your therapy will need to be saved for the appointment time. If you have things you want to share between sessions, please make sure to write them down somewhere because we DO want to hear about when we meet next.

If you want to cancel / reschedule an appointment, you can. You must call us AND receive a confirmation from us at least 24 hours prior to the cancellation.

Texting will be responded to during normal business hours only. Texts will not be received or responded to on weekends. Please be patient in waiting for a reply.

Our No Show Policy. We really value your happiness and that of others, which is why we have chosen this profession! To best respect you and others in the community, we ask that we receive 24 hours cancellation notice if you can’t make an appointment. This shows us respect and others too – because we might be able to see another client again or provide them better service if we know ahead of time we have extra time to give. We also often can experience waitlists for service, so if you have 2 No Shows in a row we will cancel your remaining appointments to make room for someone else. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you, but just that a new intake appointment will have to be booked so we can together with you determine barriers to coming and help solve them. Thank you in advance to adhering to this!

 Who Are We? Our Qualia Six Nations Staff

Charity, Hons BA Psych, MSW, RSW. Hi! I am Charity, the Program Supervisor and Intake Coordinator. I am a proud Anishinaabe woman from Northern Ontario, and belong to the Bear Clan. I have worked in First Nations all over Ontario and am committed to offering culturally sensitive, evidence based mental health interventions to Our People. I love CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) because I see people experience relief of their mental health symptoms and life stressors right away and on an ongoing basis. I LOVE working in Six Nations because it reminds me of home; the geography, the quiet connection to land and people, and the beautiful First Nations faces I see around me. Miigwetch/Nia:weh for letting me work within your community!


Adam, BSc. Space Sciences. Association of Administrative Assistants. Qualia Six Nations Office Manager

Adam is our in house rocket scientist / office manager. We trust him to solve all our clients and clinicians problems ranging from scheduling appointments to being our face in the community to having difficult customer service conversations with folks or coordinating funding with Non Insured Health Benefits. Adam resides and grew up in Brantford, so knows the local communities really well. He speaks English, French and Mandarin. He spent two years in Taiwan on a service mission. All these things make him a rock star to our Qualia family, and we hope in yours as you journey through our services and programs.


Jennifer, BASc, MSW, RSW. Jennifer is a clinician specializing in adult, children and youth services. She has previous work experience within a children’s mental health agency, community counselling agency and providing support to individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. Jennifer has a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Applied Science, specializing in child, youth and family studies. Jennifer joined the Qualia team in Six Nations in 2015. Jennifer loves being outdoors and enjoying nature, which leads to her great appreciation of First Nations deep and genuine connection to the natural world. Jen can be contacted by emailing her:

Lori, MA, RP. Lori is a clinician with 6 years’ experience, and has been working in Six Nations for over 4 years. She sees adults, children and youth. She has previous work experience working as a counsellor in three other mental health clinics. Lori has a Master of Theology and Spiritual Care and a Masters of Arts in Theology and Counselling, with specializations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Children’s Grief and Bereavement, Brief Narrative therapy. Lori shares, “Six Nations is where I really began to grow as a clinician and it has been a wonderful experience with great people. I hope to keep working here and helping the community in every way possible.” Lori can be contacted by emailing her:

Daniel Good, BA, MSW, RSW.

Kyla Denomme, BA, MSW, RSW. Kyla is a clinician specializing in children, youth and family services. She has previous work experience in community counselling agencies, community-based mental health agencies, and has provided support to people living with physical, cognitive, and developmental (dis)/abilities. Kyla is passionate about working with people utilizing an empowerment and strengths-based framework. While completing her Master of Social Work degree, Kyla developed cross cultural perspectives and enhanced her ability to operate from a culturally sensitive approach. She holds a genuine appreciation of and respect for the history, traditions and culture of the Indigenous people of Canada. Kyla can be contacted by emailing her: .

Paulicap Okeke, MSW, RSW.

Nicola, MSW, RSW. Nicola comes to Qualia with experience working with children, adolescents and adults and specializing in treating adolescent mental health and providing mindfulness based interventions. Nicola has a passion for the outdoors and has extensive experience providing youth leadership opportunities in outdoor settings. Nicola has also had teaching experiences abroad in Thailand and has lived and studied in New Brunswick, which in these settings has increased her love and appreciation for different cultures, ethnicity, spirituality and more.

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