Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

will help you unlock your personal and professional potential through guided self discovery and skill development.  Qualia’s comprehensive model of coaching will develop the whole self, enhancing your sense of purpose, meaning and connection.

 Bold Inspired Growth 

Based on innovative research and development, our Cognitive Behavioural Coaching modules combine research from Positive Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and works from leaders in their fields like Brene Brown.

Our Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Modules

offer an incredible menu for personal and professional development, with a breadth of micro skills contained in each module. Your customized plan will focus on the modules which will help you accomplish the most growth, giving you the option to focus on just one module or micro skills from each. Below is our current module menu:

Module 1: Realize Your Best Self – Insight skills for discovering & striving for your best self

Module 2: Magnify Your Mind – Cognitive skills for sharpening peak performance

Module 3: Engage Your Heart – Emotional skills for enriching life and finding meaning

Module 4: Enrich Your Relationships – Interpersonal skills for building connections and belonging

Module 5: Transform your Leadership Style – Leadership skills for unlocking you and your teams potential

Module 6: Boost Your Resilience – Coping skills for managing the demands of life

Coaching Formats

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Basic Coaching Package:

Ignite your life’s purpose again. Connect to your inner self and those around you with more intention. Mine for meaning and pursue it. This starter package combines a comprehensive biopsychosocial intake assessment with five additional coaching sessions, following an individualized growth plan/report generated from the initial assessment. Happening at one of Qualia’s offices our qualified Cognitive Behavioural Coach will guide you down your customized growth path using personalized adaptations of our coaching modules.

Your customized growth plan will be tailored for your personal or professional needs, or both. Professionally your plan may be oriented toward development of skills that are lacking, for remedial purposes, or simply as a way to work toward greater achievement and scope within your current role.

Executive On-Site Coaching Package:

1:1 coaching with executives has a clear mandate: to develop the person behind the professional. It focuses on obtaining a peak performance from the executive so that workplace culture, vision, and strategic directions are bold and inspired. It includes a 1 day meeting and job shadow to observe the work environment.  A full comprehensive assessment is conducted including a MBTI self-report, analysis of performance appraisals and up to 3 collateral interviews (if needed).  Your coach will collaboratively develop a customized growth plan and schedule 10 fifty minute consults/sessions.

Full Coaching Package:

Capture the power of our entire Cognitive Behavioural Coaching package! Along with a comprehensive biopsychosocial intake assessment and tailored growth plan, harness your potential and that of our menu of modules by selecting four components from each. This package promises results through 25 total coaching sessions which can be delivered at Qualia’s offices or on site.

Professional Coaching Series for Small Groups:

Situations can arise in which whole tiers within a workplace might require group coaching, in response to change and stressors that must be managed. Coaching in this situation would be offered to groups of 10 people or less. This package requires curriculum selection from our menu of modules, from which we can offer 2 hour individual workshops or a series of them.

Coaching Fees

Basic Package Fee: $1000 (individualized assessment and growth plan + 5 fifty minute coaching sessions) payable per session, monthly or in one installment. This package is renewable, with each successive package being 7 coaching sessions.

Executive On-Site Package Fee: $3500 (1 day onsite assessment and report + 10 ninety minute coaching sessions) payable per session, monthly or in one installment. Additional travel costs for site visits more than 25 kms away from a Qualia office.

Full Coaching Package Fee: $3500 at a Qualia office, $4500 for the Executive onsite option

Professional Coaching Series for Small Groups Fee: Please call for a customized quote.

****All packages can be arranged either privately or corporately, augmenting group benefits or independent of them. Coaching may be eligible to be covered by the MSW, RSW or Psychotherapy designation by 3rd party insurers.****

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