Services for Indigenous People & Communities

Hi! My name is Charity and I am an Anishinaabe woman who belongs to the Bear Clan. I own and Direct all of Qualia’s clinics,  along with the other Qualia owner (and founder) Thomas. We are passionate about providing services and outreach to Indigenous populations and communities, locally and across Ontario. As mental health experts we acknowledge the pain, suffering and trauma that has occurred within Indigenous communities due to colonization and we actively work in all we do to support Truth & Reconciliation. We aim for our clinics to be a safe place for everyone, especially priority populations who have experienced historical trauma. We also acknowledge and deeply respect your unique personal and cultural heritage.

Funding for our Indigenous Services is provided by Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for First Nations. If you are a registered member within a First Nation and are not seeing another NIHB Provider, you will qualify for this program. We can offer services to you in person at any of our offices, over the telephone, or through videoconferencing.

Six Nations Location

We have a five office clinic that operates in the heart of Six Nations of the Grand, at 40 Cao Lane Ohsweken, N0A 1M0. We see individuals, couples, and families and also offer group therapy and intensive mental wellness kids camps (March Break & Summer Break).

This location is wheel chair accessible.

Oneida Health Services

We have a satellite office within Onedia Health Services building, 2213 Elm Ave, Southwold, ON N0A 1M0. For these appointments feel free to text the Six Nations office or call any of our offices to book an appointment.

Book a Session Now By Using …

Telephone Number:519.445.1929

(Text): 226-792-8433

Fax: 1-866-343-3980

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For our Indigenous Clients we do offer Texting as a way to contact us. However these are the guidelines we have when using text:

Text is not meant for crisis response or outreach.  Due to the unreliable nature of texting (phone could be shut off, the phone battery can die, the text may be unanswered for extended periods of time) it is not a good way to connect with services if you are in a crisis, or in between appointments. Six Nations Crisis Line phone number is: 1.855.445.2204

Text is not for “in between session” conversations. Texting does not allow us to have the kind of conversations we want (we want to be able to see you!). Discussions around your psychotherapy sessions or goals will need to be saved for the appointment time. If you have things you want to share between sessions, please make sure to write them down somewhere because we DO want to hear about when we meet next.

If you want to cancel / reschedule an appointment, you can through a telephone call. You must call us AND receive a confirmation from us at least 24 hours prior to the cancellation.

Texting will be responded to during normal business hours only. Texts will not be received or responded to on weekends. Please be patient in waiting for a reply.

Our No Show Policy. We really value your happiness and that of others, which is why we have chosen this profession! To best respect you and others in the community, we ask that we receive 24 hours cancellation notice if you can’t make an appointment. This shows us respect and others too – because we might be able to see another client again or provide them better service if we know ahead of time we have extra time to give. We also often can experience waitlists for service, so if you have 2 No Shows in a row we will cancel your remaining appointments to make room for someone else. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you, but just that a new intake appointment will have to be booked so we can together with you determine barriers to coming and help solve them. Thank you in advance to adhering to this!


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