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To all readers – we now have a location at The Boardwalk in West Waterloo, and are so thrilled to be here! Our dsc_0070doors officially opened today, so please feel free to drop in, say hello, be nosy and even ask for a tour (if we can accommodate you while rooms are not being used :). Our Andrew St location in Kitchener and Cao Lane location in Six Nations still remain open as well, if you’re wondering.

As we expand and open this new location, I have given a lot of thought as to what the mission and vision of Qualia is and how this new location fits into it. Qualia, founded to be “a place for people to meet their full potential and become their most authentic selves” has a vision of “unlocking human potential”. We do this by providing services (psychotherapy, coaching and training) grounded in a model of change called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. As I reflect on what I love the most about our new digs (besides the beautiful location, fantastic community in the Medical Centre at The Boardwalk, and gorgeous West Waterloo views from our windows) it is that Qualia is making CBT more accessible within our community.

Why you might ask, is that important? What is so great about CBT?

Let me tell you. CBT is a game changer, and life changer. It is a model of change that focuses on an individual’s thoughts, behaviours, physical self and situations to create big change in an area we all lovedsc_0072 to feel good in – our emotional self. CBT uses a system of techniques to help people completely restructure their thoughts, engage in balanced healthy thinking, and to enable behaviour change. CBT has been demonstrated in thousands of clinical studies to be the most effective way to help people overcome depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Do you also know however, that CBT has also been demonstrated to help people improve their health, quit smoking, and achieve change like exercising regularly, getting to your preferred healthy body weight, and reaching your professional goals?

SO, if you fit into any of these above areas, CBT can help you be healthier and happier. I know personally, CBT techniques have not only helped me have balanced thoughts about various distressing life situations but has also helped me lose 30-40 pounds after pregnancies, has helped me reach my professional goals, and has helped me choose healthier foods and nutrition choices. With some clients I have seen, we have worked on anxiety and depression related goals and in just a few weeks have seen symptoms of depression and anxiety go away. I have also helped adolescents and adults achieve goals of being more assertive, communicating better with family, having more confidence, exercising more, going on more dates, losing/gaining weight, overcoming phobias like driving, flying, travel, and more! CBT can help you achieve almost any life goal. So, if you want to learn more or find out how we can help you – call and book a free consultation today!


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Qualia StaffQualia at The Boardwalk