Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Your mind is magnificent, and along with the wondrous things our minds can do, unchecked we can develop systems of unhealthy thinking that make us unhappy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a a model of psychotherapy built upon a proven and reliable set of techniques that focus on changing your minds thoughts (your interpretations and self narrative) and your behaviours (your actions) so that you can lead a happier and fuller life. Real change is possible and through restructuring your thoughts and reframing your experiences the change you want is within your grasp.

Changing the Way You Think About Your Life 

If you struggle with worry, sadness or other feelings like anger or embarassment your thoughts and reactions may be continuing cycles of these feelings rather than accepting, processing and letting them go.

Through CBT,  your psychotherapist helps you identify the things you have control over in your life to change and improve upon. You will learn to identify patterns of unhelpful thoughts and ways of interpreting the world around you, patterns that make you unhappy. As you work at identifying, challenging and changing these patterns, your therapist helps you develop a skills based tool kit to completely restructure those patterns and cope more resiliently. You will examine your life values, core operating principles and ways of being and doing. As you progress through your sessions, you will learn how to implement new ways of living so you can reach your full potential of joy, health and happiness.

CBT is an evidence-based psychological treatment and has been proven effective and as a “best practice” in thousands of research studies over decades of time, since its initial development in the 1960s. The application of CBT techniques treats mood disorders like depression and anxiety as well as other mental health and health issues. From chronic pain to insomnia and post traumatic stress – CBT has specialized treatment plans that help. Its methods have been developed into an effective and powerful experience that can create lasting change for your life.

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