Syllabus Level 1
Snack Schedule

Lecture 1
PowerPoint: Why and What is CBT?
CBT Outcome Studies + Major Empirical Views
Conceptualizing Empathy in CBT: Making the Implicit Explicit
5 Factor Model
5 Factor Model (with prompts)
Quiz 1

Lecture 2
PowerPoint: CBT Session Structure
Beck Anxiety Inventory
Beck Depression Inventory
Intake Assessment #1 – Mary Smith
Example of a Case Write Up
Case History, Formulation and Treatment Plan
Child + Adolescent Case Formulation
Reading: C
hapter 1 – Collaborative Case Conceptualization
Collaborative Case Conceptualization Diagram
Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS)
How Did The Problem Develop? Friendly Formulation
Intake Assessment #2 – Jon Harris
Judith Beck Style Formulation – Case Formulation
Vicious Flower Diagram
Quiz 2

Lecture 3
PowerPoint: Socratic Questioning
Padesky – Socratic Questioning Handout
Reading: Socratic Questioning Determines Outcome of Therapy
The Socratic Method Worksheet
Reading: The Use of Socratic Method as a Teaching Tool
Quiz 3

Lecture 4
PowerPoint: Common CBT Tools + Automatic Thoughts
Automatic Thought Records – Depression
Daily Monitoring – Depression
Weekly Schedule
Quiz 4

Lecture 5
PowerPoint: Cognitive Distortions
Cognitive Distortions – Unhelpful Thinking Styles
Continuum Technique for Health Anxiety
Emotional Distortions
Responsibility Pie Chart
Reading: Patterns of Cognitive Appraisal in Emotion
Quiz 5

Lecture 6
PowerPoint: Evidence Technique
Evidence Technique Worksheet with Types of Evidence
Thought Record
Quiz 6 

Lecture 7
PowerPoint: Imagery and Relaxation Techniques
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Trip to the Beach
Relaxation Script
Quiz 7

Lecture 8
PowerPoint: Behavioural Interventions
Quick Interventions – Behaviour Activation
Activity Planning Worksheet
Quiz 8

Lecture 9
PowerPoint: Exposure Response Prevention
Exposure Practice Form
The Distress Thermometer – SUDS
Exposure Hierarchy
Quiz 9

Lecture 10
PowerPoint: Rules For Living
Changing the Rules Worksheet
Behavioural Experiment Worksheet
Behavioural Experiments Example
Quiz 10

Lecture 11
PowerPoint: Core Beliefs
Core Belief Worksheet
Historical Review and Modification of Core Belief
The Downward Arrow Technique
Continuum Technique
Positive Data Log
Positive Schema Worksheet
Quiz 11

Lecture 12
PowerPoint: Maintenance, Relapse Prevention and Future Clinician Directions
Guide to Booster Sessions
Self-Therapy Session

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