The Death of Indecision


Email this pageI heard a great quote a week ago, and it’s had my wheels spinning: “Indecision is paralysis.” Indecision. Is. Paralysis. So, so true. To start the new career path….or stay in this one. To end the toxic relationship….or stay in fear of the fallout. To start moving toward financial health…or keep on avoiding it. To finally see a … Read More

adminThe Death of Indecision

The Cost of Van Gogh


Email this pageI’m quaking in my boots. I’m having a deeply human experience that is very, very common, and I thought I’d take you with me through it for a few minutes.

adminThe Cost of Van Gogh

The Work of Therapy- a Client’s Perspective

Qualia StaffCognitive Behavioural Therapy, Inspiration

Email this page– The other morning, when I got up I had this image of a carpenter sitting on the floor with a few tools lying around him. He had some plans and instructions at his feet. In front of him was a large pile of wood. He sat sitting, staring at the wood, with his hands on his knees, … Read More

Qualia StaffThe Work of Therapy- a Client’s Perspective

Fighting Fair

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Email this page  Conflict! Whether you are in good habits (calm, solution-focused stance) or bad ones (avoidance or aggression), it is always a worthwhile exercise to look at the process you are using when it comes to opening up conflict, and then bringing it to an end. So long as we are human, we will be in relationships with others … Read More

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Thomas BrownInspiration

Email this pageOverwhelm – that heavy feeling of dread, fear, sadness (maybe even hopelessness and helplessness) fuelled by thoughts of, “I can’t do this,” “This is too much,” and “I can’t cope.” This difficult mix can creep up on us, growing with intensity over time, or it can slam into us unexpectedly – fully formed and roiling and boiling all … Read More

Thomas BrownOverwhelm