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Kids have a way of wrecking your world. Of course, this refers to the walls that get coloured on and the cereal box that gets dumped, but it also has a way or wrecking your mental maps, the dots you worked so hard to connect until they showed up. Us parents of young kids get precious few opportunities to stop and reflect beyond what’s for dinner, but when we do…we usually find our kids causing our views to somehow break up and re-assemble themselves, whether we meant for them to or not. Last night, that, for me, was seeing my kids through the UMPTEENTH argument about sharing, and I got one such rare moment of reflection.

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Ears to hear. TWO of them.

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“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do something else at the same time.M. Scott Peck

You’d be amazed how many people will pay the fee to see a professional simply to feel heard. The Interns we work with are always eager to learn the slick CBT techniques that make for great therapy…thought records, exposure hierarchies, behaviour experiments. But before any of that, they often must be coached to back WAY up to the more basic counselling techniques of active, empathic listening.

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adminEars to hear. TWO of them.