Session Types 

Qualia’s model is driven by your needs. Each 50 minute session is planned with you. We are very clear about building therapy goals with you.

Wherever You Need Us to Be 

Typically, you meet with your Therapist at our offices. Our therapeutic environment is deliberately designed to maintain your privacy and your comfort. Should your unique situation require an alternative location, we are pleased to work that into your treatment.

Qualia’s appointment options: 

While our therapeutic environment is ideal, you may have special circumstances that require a different location. Or you may be travelling and want to continue with your sessions. The following options gives you a breadth of opportunity to make sure you can keep up the momentum of your sessions and maintain the contact needed with your Therapist.


Individuals, couples and families attend our offices in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. This is the preferred method for sessions whenever possible. Day and evening appointments are available.

Your therapist will conduct your session in your home or an agreed upon location.

Sessions are conducted over SKYPE with both you and your therapist on simultaneous webcams at pre-determined times.


This option has both you and your therapist on cellular / land line phone connections, where your therapist calls a number you’ve provided at a pre-determined date and time.

For each of these appointment options, there are certain factors we would encourage you to consider:

  • We maintain the utmost respect for your privacy. However, with some appointment options, we do not have control over privacy issues.
  • The inherent risks to conducting non-traditional sessions.
  • Contingency plans that will dictate what is to be done in the event of dropped calls or other IT difficulties.
  • The fees / length of sessions for home / community based appointments.
  • Billing and receipting done remotely.

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