Our Process 

It can be difficult knowing where to begin in seeking help. Many people hold to myths about what “therapy” is all about, and are afraid of stepping in to something new and unfamiliar.

At Qualia, we walk with you through each step in the process, ensuring you always understand what will happen, putting your mind at ease and allowing you to focus on restoring your mental wellness.

You contact us with your concern…

Although our therapy is customized for your unique situation, each client relationship follows the same basic process:

1You contact us with a concern. Whether it’s a diagnosed mental illness, or a stressful life circumstance you need assistance processing, we’re here to help.

2We have two options for how to access help through our clinic.  You can schedule traditional 1:1 sessions with a senior therapist or we also offer group therapy sessions that run on a regular basis.

3You meet with your Therapist, determine the goals you will work on, and complete the therapeutic work together. If you would like the option of a free 15 minute consultation we can arrange that as well. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your therapist and see if they are the right fit for you!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Contact us today to talk through how we can offer the support you need most. Our team is highly specialized, offering practical and proven methods for improving your mental wellness.

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